Added a sticker on my bike today. Nice white reflective one. Maybe you are reading this right now because you saw the sticker??!..

For anyone interested I got the sticker from Don’t tell them I put it on my motorcycle though!! It’s a bit expensive compared to eBay junk but they have a very large selection of materials/colors. My River rat sticker came from this site too and made it through my Canada trip fine. So I have high hopes for this one.

Weekend in the forest

Road out to Manistee National Forest with 3 other klr650 riders; my dad, brother and buddy. My buddy Lūkas had been in the forest before and gave us a tour. I haven’t been on that side of the state often so it was mostly new for me. Good ride. I had terrible tires for all the sand. Some kenda 80/20 I picked up in Québec for the rear and a shinko 705 for the front. Just ordered some k60 scouts. I hope they will do better next weekend. As for this past weekend we did about 600 miles total and it was my brothers first mototrip he did well.  

Here is some of the forest we hit on day two.

This is Lūcas’s setup. Very minimal and light weight.


This is my setup pretty much had everything still packed from my 30 days in Canada. I had a tent but I wanted to try out the hammock life.  I’ll be keeping my tent. 

This is my dad’s setup.  He’s got the coolest tent. 

My brothers setup. He has my old tent. 

This is a close up on my brothers klr650 with “gear”. 

I’m home. 

Yeah, tt seems that keeping up with this while traveling is not the easiest.  I’m working on a video or videos series from the footage and photos I took while on the trip. Might do something in a similar style to c90adventures. Not sure yet. Have to see what all I have.

Here is a video to hold you over until I find time to learn how to video edit.

(This video is something my Google photos app automatically made as a suggestion based off its stalking me.)
Here is the actual route we ended up taking.

New exhaust mods

The tip of my exhaust is starting to falling off. We had to stop at the home hardware in Nova Scotia to add some more bolts to prevent it from falling off. It had 2 of 6 left.

The thing is I need metric. You would think being in Canada that would be easy. Nope. They only have standard sizes at this store but he had some laying around. Not quite the right length. But we made it work.

I’m terrible at taking photos.

Second day on Newfoundland 

We woke up to cold and rain. But we got to see iceburgs! Rode up to a town called St. Anthony’s for breakfast. Then down to check out Gros Morne. Rain and fog.  We did not get to see much. Checked the weather it was suppose to be pretty crappy on this side of the island so we got beer camped and planed to head east in the morning.

This is some trail in some park in rocky harbor.

Some rock at some park near rocky harbor.

We were gunna have chicken wraps from cans of chicken. Well they only had flakes of chicken and not chucks.. guess that means cat food… we had boil bag instead. Lol

Photo of me boiling water for the boil bag.

To the island!

Well headed to the island. During breakfast in Port hope Simpson a helicopter took off from right next to the building. I ask the girl working at the hotel if that was normal. She said yes and that he delivers supplies and people back and forth from a remote Canadian community of about 20 people. The Canadian government pays this guy for time and fuel to fly out there for these people.

We took the Apollo from port Blanc-Sablon to Newfoundland. It was a windy rainy day. The boat ride was the roughest I had ever been on. And it didn’t help that this was smallest ferry I have been on with my bike…and we were going over the ocean! We met a cool adv guy on a bmw from Québec. His name was Pascal. Safe travels Pascal!

This is a photo of the helicopter that takes off from the hotel in Port hope Simpson.

This is the Apollo that brought us to Newfoundland.

We also met a guy name Dan. Dan was also doing our trip but the other way. He was from Windsor. This is his bike before he hits the trans-lab highway. I wish him luck.

Here we are fresh off the boat in Newfoundland.

This is our short drive for the day. It was terrible. 45 degrees  give or take. High winds and rain .

Longest stretch of dirt yet.

Today we talked the longest stretch of dirt on the trip.  Only took all day. 250 miles of unpaved road. Was great till we ran into the road grader and we had a large pile of rocks to cross over in the middle of the road. Which we managed to problem. We forgot to pick up extra gas. But our calculations showed we would not need it and we didn’t. They also loan satellite phone and we forgot to get one of those too. Haha. But we did see a moose! And it looks like the side of this highway is where you do to dump stuff. So much random junk out there.  I didn’t take much photos the road didnt change much. And what I did take is on my sena.

Here we are at the time zone line. We had to add 30 minutes but that sign was harder to park at.

A road side stop. To eat. Road too rough to ear and ride.

The route.

Crossing Labrador

Leaving Labrador city we head to Happy valley goose bay. Arriving goose bad we hit up tims for coffee and food. A guy there starts talking to me. I forget his name. But he was super helpful l he was helping us find a place to stay. It was raining pretty bad. We stayed at a place called north hotel. After half of Tim Hortons started calling around for us we found a room. Nice people. We were gunna call around but after we had our coffee. All the rooms were booked up because of hydro work and there was a rally the next day in protest of it.

We stopped off at church-hill falls for lunch and I found this pay phone. Yes it had dial tone. 

Saw this car just off the highway.

The route we took.

Labrador city.

Getting closer to newfoundland. Labrador city had a planned city wide power-outage. The hydro power company is putting in new lines or something. We did not find this out till I needed my Tims in the morning. Everyone just fled to their campers in Duley Park were we stayed. They had no space and were fully booked but they let us pop our tents up on their beach. While we were chilling on the beach we met a few people. They packed their F150 up to the lake and carried their jet ski out and into the water. After they took it for a rip each they asked me if I wanted to. Not even know who I am. Nice people. I was game until I realize that lake is the coldest ever and it was only 65 that day. I quickly changed my mind. Then we partied with them later on. Lab city was fun.

Luckily there was one gas station open in town in the morning for us to get our gas to head to the next city.

The view out of my tent in Labrador city.

The Labrador city camp site we had on the beach. Lol.

I asked them they had showers and washroom. They said yeah but get in there now while the generator is on so I head over to this red shack. I took some photos of the inside. In the morning the shack was off and had no water hooked up..

The drive of the day.

Hitting the trans Labrador highway tomorrow.

We have made it to Manic Cinq today. After getting a new tire and some issues with my Sena not working for half the day. Missed the ability to record some of the epic roads to Manic Cinq. We did the Québec hydro tour of Manic Cinq. It was alright. But we were the only two who spoke English the tour was mostly done in French. Hotel tonight, then starting the trans-lab highway tomorrow. So stoked for Newfoundland. But I did not expect to have as much fun in Québec as I have. Would definitely consider living here. Great culture. Beautiful people.