I just wanted to list all the Adventure youtubers I like here. Not all of them are on two wheels.

Kombi Life-   – Drive a van all over the place and live out of it.

c90adventures – – Drive a honda c90 scooter all over the place.

Rosie Gabrielle – – Female who drive motorcycles (some klr650) all over.

Alex Chacon – – This guy has really good production quality. Argentina to Alaska on a klr650 and other neat adventures.

Bike Boobs – – Bike Boobs.. need more?

kennyraceboy – – KLR650 video. How-tos and stuff. Good production quality.

eveRide ADV – – Fantastic video quality. Neat guy fun videos. Wish I was in Utah right now.

2 Wheels 1 Compass – – Adventures with some learning/history stuff.

halfthrottle – – Mostly KLR650 video and fun.