Camping/Living on the Road

 The Tent that I use is 12 Survivors Shire Tent($90). I chose this tent because my previous tent was neon green and I wanted to be a bit more stealth if I ever had to do some bush camping while on the road. This tent has two vestibules and doors. I keeps my panniers and other luggage on one side to keep out of the rain and use the other side as a door. I also keep a camo tarp I got from harbor freight (for free) under the tent to prevent punctures on the bottom of the tent. Tarp also comes in handy if you want to make a shelter over a picnic table for making food in the rain. This is the tent I use for my 30 day trip to Newfoundland and back. I would say its pretty durable for its price. Has a nice over head pocket and a couple on the sides. I have slept with two people in here but like most tents a 2-person tent is actually one person plus gear. So when I was with the other person the gear was outside.



The Sleeping Pad I use is a “self-inflating” one, Therm-A-Rest Trail Pro Mattress. ($90) I picked this guy up in New Hampshire when my Meijer $39.99 mattress got a leak in it. It packs pretty small and sleeps good. It does not really self-inflate. I roll it out then make dinner, then it will have some air in it. I have to blow it up a bit otherwise I’d still be sleeping on the ground. I think its like this for pretty much all “self-inflating” mattresses.

I don’t think there is any good light weight pillow. With that said I use a Cocoon Sleeping Bag Hood Pillow. This one is nice because it fits nice into the hood of my REI mummy sleeping bad and doesn’t slip around. I find that a lot of these camping sleeping equipments are made by of the same slippery fabrics and nothing sits still. I usually fill this pillow up with some air and then place it over a hoodie or something.




I have had some cold July days in Newfoundland,low 40s (F). I was more than warm in this bag! Some days I slept with one leg out. It is the REI Radiant Sleeping Bag.  Made from Down(feathers) and ripstop nylon it compresses really well and is light. Its a bit water resistant which you kinda want. It prevents the feathers from getting soggy in the event of any tent leakage. Which I have experienced when I placed my under tarp wrong. The EN comfort rating for this bag is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, what ever that means.  They have a newer version of this bag out now for about $200. I do not recall how much I paid for mine.





 I bought a bike cover (Sminiker Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover $18) mostly for stealth camping. This one is an XXL which was perfect for my KLR650 for I could just barely get it on over my pannier while they were still on the bike. It has a buckle on the front that I used to secure the cover on the front wheel. The cover also keeps the bike dry. heh.





I keep a hunting stool around for… sitting. Yes I could use my aluminum panniers. But they way I carry this chair is takes up like no space and there is a pocket underneath the seat I use to store Gatorade or water while riding. I might upgrade this chair for one with a backrest. I have just had this chair kicking around for a few years.





Etekcity portable camp stove. This stove is cheap, $11. The KLR650 vibe’d it loose but you can just tighten it back up. This is great for boiling water or heating up a can of soup.  It takes those Iso-butane cans that you can find at most hunting/camping stores even wal-mart. How does it compare to the MRS one? I’d say its a close match. Both are small and boil water. If you are looking at weight its 1oz difference.