Apps and Technology

I used an Android phone (Nexus 6p) mostly for my gps navigation.

GPS apps like best are:

Google Maps.


This app is great combined with its offline feature.  I used this while I was in Canada and didn’t have cell service. I could still google for a Tim Hortons and even check its hours. Also nice to see reviews of these places you’ve never been to see if it’s legit. Another feature I used while in Canada was the location history which you can export into a KLM or gpx file and have a fifty route path you can share with friends.

Not sure why this app come up with better non-highway routes but it does. I mean Google owns both. Wish it had a “prefer dirt roads and Orv trails” option. But it beats traffic and gives you a heads up on cops… Cops are not much of an issue when you are riding a KLR650. Heh.



There is a free and paid version of this app. I have the paid version. This app is nice for sitting at home and looking up new dirt routes. It color codes roads based on size and if it’s dirt. Lots of cool info. This app also records gpx data. This app is very feature-full. Still new to it and learning. I had it up on my last ride and it helped me make the right turns to stay on dirt roads.




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