Adjusting KLR650 gen2 headlight and fix trip reset

My trip reset button broke so I removed the instrument panel on my klr650 to take it apart and figure out what is going on with that. There was a plastic piece that was dulled over time.  In the video below the guy removed the plastic part and filed it down. I managed to do it without taking it off. Here is a link to my video on instagram of what is suppose to happen (with aid from my thumb) and what is happening.

Now that I finally got the area open, I’ll adjust my headlight so people will stop flashing me and so I can see more than the tops of trees at night.

It’s a pretty easy job at this point. There is a single screw that you move to the left to lower and to the right to elevate the headlight beam.


Shocking a KLR650

My brother needed some work done on his 1995 KLR650. Front fork seals and rear shock. We ended up just swapping his gen1 rear shock for my old gen2 rear. The swap was pretty much bolt on. The bottom bolt from my gen2 shock was needed to fit on the gen1. It was a quick swap! I replaced my rear last year with the progressive one. Mine OEM rear preload was stuck and I wanted a fresh one for the canada trip. Below is a photo of Gen1 and Gen2 rear shocks side by side and a close up of the one from the 95 klr650.


Here is a video of our process on the front forks. We read/saw on the internet if pump up the front fork the seals will pop off. My brothers front seals were too leaky to build up enough pressure. Ended up using picks to pull the seals out and beat the new seals in with the old seals. We didn’t need anything we didn’t already have in the garage it was nice.





Prepping the KLR650 for group ride to Mackinaw 

A bunch of buddies and I are riding up to Mackinaw. Just doing a few tweaks to make the ride better.  Moving back to my 16T sprocket (from 14T) and putting my larger zero gravity shield back on (from stock).  All of which I just changed for 2 weeks to play in the dirt.

I snapchatted the whole thing. But I’m too lazy to export it all from my snap story. Snapchat is not cooperating with me anyhow.


heh.. not sure why this video is not formatted right… wordpress? snapchat?


Added a sticker on my bike today. Nice white reflective one. Maybe you are reading this right now because you saw the sticker??!..

For anyone interested I got the sticker from Don’t tell them I put it on my motorcycle though!! It’s a bit expensive compared to eBay junk but they have a very large selection of materials/colors. My River rat sticker came from this site too and made it through my Canada trip fine. So I have high hopes for this one.

New exhaust mods

The tip of my exhaust is starting to falling off. We had to stop at the home hardware in Nova Scotia to add some more bolts to prevent it from falling off. It had 2 of 6 left.

The thing is I need metric. You would think being in Canada that would be easy. Nope. They only have standard sizes at this store but he had some laying around. Not quite the right length. But we made it work.

I’m terrible at taking photos.

MSR shifter for klr650.

Well, I intended on ordering a new LONGER shift lever for my bike. But I messed up and order one near stock size. I say near because the shift lever is a tad longer than stock and rubs against the engine case. I put the stock one back on. Now I have an extra brand new shift lever…. haha. Oops.

Here you can see how it touched the case and I managed to scratch the case on my test shifts.

This is a side by side of stock and msr

Fuel bottle add-on for my klr650

Well this bottle is not very large. It can only hold like 650ml of fuel. But it will be a nice thing to have for camping with a stove. I did the math and I can almost get 9.5 miles which it on the bike. That beats walking 20 miles. I used the hardware the bottle holder came with and some lock tight. We shall see how well it holds on my pannier.



All mounted up.



Installed the $20 Aux LEDs on my KLR650

Order the cheap $20 LEDs from Amazon. These things are great! Definitely worth $20 so far. We will see how they hold up.  I put the lights where the stock turning signals go. The guy who had the bike before me changed them out for some reason. The LEDs stick out a bit and will probably get messed up if I drop. but for a $3 dollar bracket not bad. I made it from a bolt and a spacer from a PVC pipe. The 5 foot pipe was cheaper than two 2″ plastic spacers from the hardware section at Lowes.


Here is a youtube of me riding at night with LEDs. 

I have not hooked up a switch for it yet so no before and after night shots yet.

Edit: I have switch now.

Replacing my KLR650 headlight

My low beam went out on my gen 2 KLR650 and I found a pretty easy way to change the bulb without taking the whole front fairings off.

Step one: Remove the front fender with the four screw. 
Step two: Remove plastic tray thing and its metal bit (see pic)

Metal bracket after plastic has been freed.
Step three: unplug light. reach in there and find the cable on the back of the light. pull straight back. 
Step four: you can how reach in and pull the rubber bit around the light off. See picture below. There are two little tabby like things just give one of them a tug and it should pop right off.
light rubber thing
Step five: unhook the light bulb. There is a paperclip like hooky thing holding the light in. 
in the hole there is the hook for the bulb clip thingy
This is the paperclip clippy thing.

Step six: swap the black adapter thingy to the new bulb. Just pulls off.
Step seven: put bulb in and bushings and test before you put plastics back on. 
Step eight: put everything back together. YAY!! 
Step nine: have a beer. because you are now done. 
You can also watch this guy’s ‘backdoor’ video which tells you almost the same thing.

Some winter KLR650 mods.

Getting ready for the summer trips!  Added KRLDASH to my klr650. Shipped missing a few screws but I managed.Also added some heated hand grips.




Here is a cheaper lower dash, my brother has this one its nice.