Shocking a KLR650

My brother needed some work done on his 1995 KLR650. Front fork seals and rear shock. We ended up just swapping his gen1 rear shock for my old gen2 rear. The swap was pretty much bolt on. The bottom bolt from my gen2 shock was needed to fit on the gen1. It was a quick swap! I replaced my rear last year with the progressive one. Mine OEM rear preload was stuck and I wanted a fresh one for the canada trip. Below is a photo of Gen1 and Gen2 rear shocks side by side and a close up of the one from the 95 klr650.


Here is a video of our process on the front forks. We read/saw on the internet if pump up the front fork the seals will pop off. My brothers front seals were too leaky to build up enough pressure. Ended up using picks to pull the seals out and beat the new seals in with the old seals. We didn’t need anything we didn’t already have in the garage it was nice.