Weekend in the forest

Road out to Manistee National Forest with 3 other klr650 riders; my dad, brother and buddy. My buddy Lūkas had been in the forest before and gave us a tour. I haven’t been on that side of the state often so it was mostly new for me. Good ride. I had terrible tires for all the sand. Some kenda 80/20 I picked up in Québec for the rear and a shinko 705 for the front. Just ordered some k60 scouts. I hope they will do better next weekend. As for this past weekend we did about 600 miles total and it was my brothers first mototrip he did well.  

Here is some of the forest we hit on day two.

This is Lūcas’s setup. Very minimal and light weight.


This is my setup pretty much had everything still packed from my 30 days in Canada. I had a tent but I wanted to try out the hammock life.  I’ll be keeping my tent. 

This is my dad’s setup.  He’s got the coolest tent. 

My brothers setup. He has my old tent. 

This is a close up on my brothers klr650 with “gear”. 

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