Got hit in the head by a bat…

I was riding home today from a motorcycle meetup. We hit some dirt roads. I’m watching out for deer when !bang! A massive flying thing hits me in the face. My brother was riding behind me. He said, “bro you dropped something” or something near that. I told him, “I think it’s the bird or something I hit”. We went back and it was a dead bat. Of course I didn’t have my camera on to record the event.

Sorry for crapp photo. It was dark and I was really tired and wanted to go home and had bat guts on me.

Sena 10c firmware update corrupted.

Not sure if it is just me, but I could not find anything on google. I was having issues with installing Firmware updates on my Sena 10c. I was moving from v1.0.4 to v2.0. The error I kept getting was “Failed to update firmware. Firmware corrupted. Try again [2][2]”. I will attached a screenshot.  I even attempted to use other languages and still failed. I also tried other SD cards. Alway stuck at like 12%. I eventually tried installing the update on my macbook and it work… Solution: Different computer.


sena error pic

Some goodies on this update though!!

Sena Technologies, Inc. released the firmware version v2.0 for the 10C which mainly includes:

Group Intercom™

HD Intercom

Dual A2DP

Universal Intercom pairing moved into the configuration menu

Loop recording mode

Loop recording interval setting

Video tagging interval setting

Microphone gain setting during video recording

Changed FM radio band in Japan to 76 ~95 MHz

Improved compatibility with Triumph Bluetooth onboard audio systems

Minor bug fixes in the operation through the Smartphone App for Android
Not quite sure how to use the settings. But the video tagging intervals will be nice. The. The group intercom will make it better compatible with the sena 20s

Weekend: When there are more Buggies than cars..

Just a short post of a short video I found amusing. It’s not every day you see a horse and buggy. Let alone two crossing paths. Think they have something like a motorcycle or jeep wave?


Added a sticker on my bike today. Nice white reflective one. Maybe you are reading this right now because you saw the sticker??!..

For anyone interested I got the sticker from Don’t tell them I put it on my motorcycle though!! It’s a bit expensive compared to eBay junk but they have a very large selection of materials/colors. My River rat sticker came from this site too and made it through my Canada trip fine. So I have high hopes for this one.

Weekend in the forest

Road out to Manistee National Forest with 3 other klr650 riders; my dad, brother and buddy. My buddy Lūkas had been in the forest before and gave us a tour. I haven’t been on that side of the state often so it was mostly new for me. Good ride. I had terrible tires for all the sand. Some kenda 80/20 I picked up in Québec for the rear and a shinko 705 for the front. Just ordered some k60 scouts. I hope they will do better next weekend. As for this past weekend we did about 600 miles total and it was my brothers first mototrip he did well.  

Here is some of the forest we hit on day two.

This is Lūcas’s setup. Very minimal and light weight.


This is my setup pretty much had everything still packed from my 30 days in Canada. I had a tent but I wanted to try out the hammock life.  I’ll be keeping my tent. 

This is my dad’s setup.  He’s got the coolest tent. 

My brothers setup. He has my old tent. 

This is a close up on my brothers klr650 with “gear”.