Frayed at both ends

Coming out of Wawa, Ontario today my klr650 kept stalling… clutch  was acting a bit weird. Took a look at the clutch cable and it was frayed at the handle. Took it off and found out it was coming apart at both ends. Good thing my friends like to be over prepared and had me pack an extra. Sure did come in handy.

So I drank water from a tap and later saw this sign posted next to it… FML. Hope I’m good. Going to use filter on ALL drinking water now. I mean it was a tap! #cityboyprobs

Already breaking things.

It’s not anything fatal. But is a bummer. My phone cord broke today. I have one more but it’s 3 inches long. Gunna see if some place out here has a usb-c cable… gunna be tough.

I used my phone for a lot of things. Gps, music, phone, typing this and getting video off my GoPro.

I love it when people ask us where we are from. It’s like “uh Detroit area”. Then ask where we are going. And we proudly say “Newfoundland!”. Half have no idea where it is the others just say have fun, etc.

Thawing out the meat. Lol

Tool tube for my motorcycle.

While back I saw some guys using the harbor freight welding rod tube as a tool tube. I got me one and started using it. The threads are not that secure so I finally got around to making one. I was at Lowe’s buying some PVC pipe and I found these test plugs. I thought these are perfect.  Also I couldn’t find the PVC ends in the size I needed. Thinking back to the other tubes I’ve seen other people have done this. It just looks like they have a rod of all thread through it.

The new tube is a bit more pricey. One test plug cost about the price of the whole harbor freight tube. ($5 each) but this seems to be more secure and dryer. The harbor freight one has a gasket but it sucks. Tools still got wet.

Leaving for Newfoundland this weekend.

Big trip planned. I told a few of my friends I would attempt to blog about it. Which will likely be just a bunch of photos.

So far the plan is to go to upper peninsula (of michigan) day one. Day two Cross country border into canada and drive to Wawa, ON. They have a waterfall and giant goose.

This is an estimate of our route plans.


MSR shifter for klr650.

Well, I intended on ordering a new LONGER shift lever for my bike. But I messed up and order one near stock size. I say near because the shift lever is a tad longer than stock and rubs against the engine case. I put the stock one back on. Now I have an extra brand new shift lever…. haha. Oops.

Here you can see how it touched the case and I managed to scratch the case on my test shifts.

This is a side by side of stock and msr