To the island!

Well headed to the island. During breakfast in Port hope Simpson a helicopter took off from right next to the building. I ask the girl working at the hotel if that was normal. She said yes and that he delivers supplies and people back and forth from a remote Canadian community of about 20 people. The Canadian government pays this guy for time and fuel to fly out there for these people.

We took the Apollo from port Blanc-Sablon to Newfoundland. It was a windy rainy day. The boat ride was the roughest I had ever been on. And it didn’t help that this was smallest ferry I have been on with my bike…and we were going over the ocean! We met a cool adv guy on a bmw from Québec. His name was Pascal. Safe travels Pascal!

This is a photo of the helicopter that takes off from the hotel in Port hope Simpson.

This is the Apollo that brought us to Newfoundland.

We also met a guy name Dan. Dan was also doing our trip but the other way. He was from Windsor. This is his bike before he hits the trans-lab highway. I wish him luck.

Here we are fresh off the boat in Newfoundland.

This is our short drive for the day. It was terrible. 45 degrees  give or take. High winds and rain .

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