Longest stretch of dirt yet.

Today we talked the longest stretch of dirt on the trip.  Only took all day. 250 miles of unpaved road. Was great till we ran into the road grader and we had a large pile of rocks to cross over in the middle of the road. Which we managed to problem. We forgot to pick up extra gas. But our calculations showed we would not need it and we didn’t. They also loan satellite phone and we forgot to get one of those too. Haha. But we did see a moose! And it looks like the side of this highway is where you do to dump stuff. So much random junk out there.  I didn’t take much photos the road didnt change much. And what I did take is on my sena.

Here we are at the time zone line. We had to add 30 minutes but that sign was harder to park at.

A road side stop. To eat. Road too rough to ear and ride.

The route.

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