Labrador city.

Getting closer to newfoundland. Labrador city had a planned city wide power-outage. The hydro power company is putting in new lines or something. We did not find this out till I needed my Tims in the morning. Everyone just fled to their campers in Duley Park were we stayed. They had no space and were fully booked but they let us pop our tents up on their beach. While we were chilling on the beach we met a few people. They packed their F150 up to the lake and carried their jet ski out and into the water. After they took it for a rip each they asked me if I wanted to. Not even know who I am. Nice people. I was game until I realize that lake is the coldest ever and it was only 65 that day. I quickly changed my mind. Then we partied with them later on. Lab city was fun.

Luckily there was one gas station open in town in the morning for us to get our gas to head to the next city.

The view out of my tent in Labrador city.

The Labrador city camp site we had on the beach. Lol.

I asked them they had showers and washroom. They said yeah but get in there now while the generator is on so I head over to this red shack. I took some photos of the inside. In the morning the shack was off and had no water hooked up..

The drive of the day.

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