Far from home.

When you realize people only speak two language where you are and neither of them are English. We were in Waswanipi, QC and the signs were in Cree and English. But not French anymore. I thought that was pretty amusing. The person at the store spoke English… enough to give me my total.

Today we couldn’t find a campsite close enough on route. So we looked for a hotel. We found a place but they were booked up. The clerk didn’t speak English at all and phoned the owner over who was watching over her kids next door. So they swapped and the owner said there was a shared Commons house for the workers (miners) that we could rent same price. Score! No one was even renting the other rooms. So she showed us where it was by driving with us down the block. She gave us the tour and told us to lock the outside door at night. Which then prompted my question. “will out bikes be okay at night?”. She first told us to park them in the grass. Not sure if it’s my good looks or what but she changed her mind and said no one was renting hee garage so to let us store our bikes in there over night. Sweet!

The garage.

At the 49th.

Stop sign in both English and Cree

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