En anglais s’il vous plaît

We have arrived to Quebec. So far most people know English and don’t give us a hard time about not knowing French. Some places we’ve played it off pretty well that we known French. Others not so well. Haha.

I was sitting on the bikes waiting for Matt to get food from IGA and the wind gust were real bad. I had my helmet on to keep debris out of my eyes. An older women was unloading into her car and she made a comment of what I can only assume was about me wearing my helmet to keep dirt out of my eyes. I just smiled and nodded my head. Haha. Full French. No idea what she said. Hopefully my mic on me sena picked it up. Because I recorded the interaction.

Beautiful people here. Only photos I have are on my sena.

Before we make it to Quebec we were in timmins Ontario. Mine city. With today’s winds it was terrible. Dust and dirt flying everywhere. We met a retired American who for some reason was wearing a suit and getting some Tim’s. He was from some place north of Lansing. Used to work the mines. Told us how great Newfoundland will be.

Also the campsite we stayed at was a government one and only had business hours of 8am-5pm. Which worked well for us. We rolled in at 6:30p or so. Ate and showered. Then to keep with our schedule we rolled out at 7am.  Free camping. Unlike our state site at home there was no money drop.

At the boarder of Quebec and Ontario.

Northern lights. This is were we had breakfast in the tiny tiny town of Foleyet, ON

The rest of the town. Shopping-wise. I have a photo of the school here on my sena. It’s about the size of a ranch style house.

Fun fact  Timmins is the home of Shania Twain.

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