Tool tube for my motorcycle.

While back I saw some guys using the harbor freight welding rod tube as a tool tube. I got me one and started using it. The threads are not that secure so I finally got around to making one. I was at Lowe’s buying some PVC pipe and I found these test plugs. I thought these are perfect.  Also I couldn’t find the PVC ends in the size I needed. Thinking back to the other tubes I’ve seen other people have done this. It just looks like they have a rod of all thread through it.

The new tube is a bit more pricey. One test plug cost about the price of the whole harbor freight tube. ($5 each) but this seems to be more secure and dryer. The harbor freight one has a gasket but it sucks. Tools still got wet.

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    • I thought I made Saturday post with map?? Made it to brimley. Just 30 minutes from the boarder at a campsite I have been to in the past.

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