Second day on Newfoundland 

We woke up to cold and rain. But we got to see iceburgs! Rode up to a town called St. Anthony’s for breakfast. Then down to check out Gros Morne. Rain and fog.  We did not get to see much. Checked the weather it was suppose to be pretty crappy on this side of the island so we got beer camped and planed to head east in the morning.

This is some trail in some park in rocky harbor.

Some rock at some park near rocky harbor.

We were gunna have chicken wraps from cans of chicken. Well they only had flakes of chicken and not chucks.. guess that means cat food… we had boil bag instead. Lol

Photo of me boiling water for the boil bag.

To the island!

Well headed to the island. During breakfast in Port hope Simpson a helicopter took off from right next to the building. I ask the girl working at the hotel if that was normal. She said yes and that he delivers supplies and people back and forth from a remote Canadian community of about 20 people. The Canadian government pays this guy for time and fuel to fly out there for these people.

We took the Apollo from port Blanc-Sablon to Newfoundland. It was a windy rainy day. The boat ride was the roughest I had ever been on. And it didn’t help that this was smallest ferry I have been on with my bike…and we were going over the ocean! We met a cool adv guy on a bmw from Québec. His name was Pascal. Safe travels Pascal!

This is a photo of the helicopter that takes off from the hotel in Port hope Simpson.

This is the Apollo that brought us to Newfoundland.

We also met a guy name Dan. Dan was also doing our trip but the other way. He was from Windsor. This is his bike before he hits the trans-lab highway. I wish him luck.

Here we are fresh off the boat in Newfoundland.

This is our short drive for the day. It was terrible. 45 degrees  give or take. High winds and rain .

Longest stretch of dirt yet.

Today we talked the longest stretch of dirt on the trip.  Only took all day. 250 miles of unpaved road. Was great till we ran into the road grader and we had a large pile of rocks to cross over in the middle of the road. Which we managed to problem. We forgot to pick up extra gas. But our calculations showed we would not need it and we didn’t. They also loan satellite phone and we forgot to get one of those too. Haha. But we did see a moose! And it looks like the side of this highway is where you do to dump stuff. So much random junk out there.  I didn’t take much photos the road didnt change much. And what I did take is on my sena.

Here we are at the time zone line. We had to add 30 minutes but that sign was harder to park at.

A road side stop. To eat. Road too rough to ear and ride.

The route.

Crossing Labrador

Leaving Labrador city we head to Happy valley goose bay. Arriving goose bad we hit up tims for coffee and food. A guy there starts talking to me. I forget his name. But he was super helpful l he was helping us find a place to stay. It was raining pretty bad. We stayed at a place called north hotel. After half of Tim Hortons started calling around for us we found a room. Nice people. We were gunna call around but after we had our coffee. All the rooms were booked up because of hydro work and there was a rally the next day in protest of it.

We stopped off at church-hill falls for lunch and I found this pay phone. Yes it had dial tone. 

Saw this car just off the highway.

The route we took.

Labrador city.

Getting closer to newfoundland. Labrador city had a planned city wide power-outage. The hydro power company is putting in new lines or something. We did not find this out till I needed my Tims in the morning. Everyone just fled to their campers in Duley Park were we stayed. They had no space and were fully booked but they let us pop our tents up on their beach. While we were chilling on the beach we met a few people. They packed their F150 up to the lake and carried their jet ski out and into the water. After they took it for a rip each they asked me if I wanted to. Not even know who I am. Nice people. I was game until I realize that lake is the coldest ever and it was only 65 that day. I quickly changed my mind. Then we partied with them later on. Lab city was fun.

Luckily there was one gas station open in town in the morning for us to get our gas to head to the next city.

The view out of my tent in Labrador city.

The Labrador city camp site we had on the beach. Lol.

I asked them they had showers and washroom. They said yeah but get in there now while the generator is on so I head over to this red shack. I took some photos of the inside. In the morning the shack was off and had no water hooked up..

The drive of the day.

Hitting the trans Labrador highway tomorrow.

We have made it to Manic Cinq today. After getting a new tire and some issues with my Sena not working for half the day. Missed the ability to record some of the epic roads to Manic Cinq. We did the Québec hydro tour of Manic Cinq. It was alright. But we were the only two who spoke English the tour was mostly done in French. Hotel tonight, then starting the trans-lab highway tomorrow. So stoked for Newfoundland. But I did not expect to have as much fun in Québec as I have. Would definitely consider living here. Great culture. Beautiful people.


New tire.

Found a pretty cool campground in whatever town we are in. We are here to pick up me a new tire in the morning. My rear tire had low pressure and wore down too quickly and I wanted some fresh meaty tires for TLH.

Tire was all done and installed $124 after tax. Only took a half hour. Great little shop.


Far from home.

When you realize people only speak two language where you are and neither of them are English. We were in Waswanipi, QC and the signs were in Cree and English. But not French anymore. I thought that was pretty amusing. The person at the store spoke English… enough to give me my total.

Today we couldn’t find a campsite close enough on route. So we looked for a hotel. We found a place but they were booked up. The clerk didn’t speak English at all and phoned the owner over who was watching over her kids next door. So they swapped and the owner said there was a shared Commons house for the workers (miners) that we could rent same price. Score! No one was even renting the other rooms. So she showed us where it was by driving with us down the block. She gave us the tour and told us to lock the outside door at night. Which then prompted my question. “will out bikes be okay at night?”. She first told us to park them in the grass. Not sure if it’s my good looks or what but she changed her mind and said no one was renting hee garage so to let us store our bikes in there over night. Sweet!

The garage.

At the 49th.

Stop sign in both English and Cree

En anglais s’il vous plaît

We have arrived to Quebec. So far most people know English and don’t give us a hard time about not knowing French. Some places we’ve played it off pretty well that we known French. Others not so well. Haha.

I was sitting on the bikes waiting for Matt to get food from IGA and the wind gust were real bad. I had my helmet on to keep debris out of my eyes. An older women was unloading into her car and she made a comment of what I can only assume was about me wearing my helmet to keep dirt out of my eyes. I just smiled and nodded my head. Haha. Full French. No idea what she said. Hopefully my mic on me sena picked it up. Because I recorded the interaction.

Beautiful people here. Only photos I have are on my sena.

Before we make it to Quebec we were in timmins Ontario. Mine city. With today’s winds it was terrible. Dust and dirt flying everywhere. We met a retired American who for some reason was wearing a suit and getting some Tim’s. He was from some place north of Lansing. Used to work the mines. Told us how great Newfoundland will be.

Also the campsite we stayed at was a government one and only had business hours of 8am-5pm. Which worked well for us. We rolled in at 6:30p or so. Ate and showered. Then to keep with our schedule we rolled out at 7am.  Free camping. Unlike our state site at home there was no money drop.

At the boarder of Quebec and Ontario.

Northern lights. This is were we had breakfast in the tiny tiny town of Foleyet, ON

The rest of the town. Shopping-wise. I have a photo of the school here on my sena. It’s about the size of a ranch style house.

Fun fact  Timmins is the home of Shania Twain.