Replacing my KLR650 headlight

My low beam went out on my gen 2 KLR650 and I found a pretty easy way to change the bulb without taking the whole front fairings off.

Step one: Remove the front fender with the four screw. 
Step two: Remove plastic tray thing and its metal bit (see pic)

Metal bracket after plastic has been freed.
Step three: unplug light. reach in there and find the cable on the back of the light. pull straight back. 
Step four: you can how reach in and pull the rubber bit around the light off. See picture below. There are two little tabby like things just give one of them a tug and it should pop right off.
light rubber thing
Step five: unhook the light bulb. There is a paperclip like hooky thing holding the light in. 
in the hole there is the hook for the bulb clip thingy
This is the paperclip clippy thing.

Step six: swap the black adapter thingy to the new bulb. Just pulls off.
Step seven: put bulb in and bushings and test before you put plastics back on. 
Step eight: put everything back together. YAY!! 
Step nine: have a beer. because you are now done. 
You can also watch this guy’s ‘backdoor’ video which tells you almost the same thing.

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  1. It’s difficult to locate well-informed folks on this issue, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!


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