Adjusting KLR650 gen2 headlight and fix trip reset

My trip reset button broke so I removed the instrument panel on my klr650 to take it apart and figure out what is going on with that. There was a plastic piece that was dulled over time.  In the video below the guy removed the plastic part and filed it down. I managed to do it without taking it off. Here is a link to my video on instagram of what is suppose to happen (with aid from my thumb) and what is happening.

Now that I finally got the area open, I’ll adjust my headlight so people will stop flashing me and so I can see more than the tops of trees at night.

It’s a pretty easy job at this point. There is a single screw that you move to the left to lower and to the right to elevate the headlight beam.


Shocking a KLR650

My brother needed some work done on his 1995 KLR650. Front fork seals and rear shock. We ended up just swapping his gen1 rear shock for my old gen2 rear. The swap was pretty much bolt on. The bottom bolt from my gen2 shock was needed to fit on the gen1. It was a quick swap! I replaced my rear last year with the progressive one. Mine OEM rear preload was stuck and I wanted a fresh one for the canada trip. Below is a photo of Gen1 and Gen2 rear shocks side by side and a close up of the one from the 95 klr650.


Here is a video of our process on the front forks. We read/saw on the internet if pump up the front fork the seals will pop off. My brothers front seals were too leaky to build up enough pressure. Ended up using picks to pull the seals out and beat the new seals in with the old seals. We didn’t need anything we didn’t already have in the garage it was nice.





5 Reasons Why Dual Sport Motorcycles are the Best #everide

This video is from the YouTube channel everide. I learned about his channel when looking for mods to perform on my klr650. His channel is great. I hope to bring mine to at least half of his.

Prepping the KLR650 for group ride to Mackinaw 

A bunch of buddies and I are riding up to Mackinaw. Just doing a few tweaks to make the ride better.  Moving back to my 16T sprocket (from 14T) and putting my larger zero gravity shield back on (from stock).  All of which I just changed for 2 weeks to play in the dirt.

I snapchatted the whole thing. But I’m too lazy to export it all from my snap story. Snapchat is not cooperating with me anyhow.


heh.. not sure why this video is not formatted right… wordpress? snapchat?

Got hit in the head by a bat…

I was riding home today from a motorcycle meetup. We hit some dirt roads. I’m watching out for deer when !bang! A massive flying thing hits me in the face. My brother was riding behind me. He said, “bro you dropped something” or something near that. I told him, “I think it’s the bird or something I hit”. We went back and it was a dead bat. Of course I didn’t have my camera on to record the event.

Sorry for crapp photo. It was dark and I was really tired and wanted to go home and had bat guts on me.

Sena 10c firmware update corrupted.

Not sure if it is just me, but I could not find anything on google. I was having issues with installing Firmware updates on my Sena 10c. I was moving from v1.0.4 to v2.0. The error I kept getting was “Failed to update firmware. Firmware corrupted. Try again [2][2]”. I will attached a screenshot.  I even attempted to use other languages and still failed. I also tried other SD cards. Alway stuck at like 12%. I eventually tried installing the update on my macbook and it work… Solution: Different computer.


sena error pic

Some goodies on this update though!!

Sena Technologies, Inc. released the firmware version v2.0 for the 10C which mainly includes:

Group Intercom™

HD Intercom

Dual A2DP

Universal Intercom pairing moved into the configuration menu

Loop recording mode

Loop recording interval setting

Video tagging interval setting

Microphone gain setting during video recording

Changed FM radio band in Japan to 76 ~95 MHz

Improved compatibility with Triumph Bluetooth onboard audio systems

Minor bug fixes in the operation through the Smartphone App for Android
Not quite sure how to use the settings. But the video tagging intervals will be nice. The. The group intercom will make it better compatible with the sena 20s

Weekend: When there are more Buggies than cars..

Just a short post of a short video I found amusing. It’s not every day you see a horse and buggy. Let alone two crossing paths. Think they have something like a motorcycle or jeep wave?